‘Not a chance, my whole life has been leading up to this moment when I am free of the parental bonds that forced me to clean and to tidy. My parents cannot force me to wash here, and neither can you. As for going outside, I thank you for your concern, but prefer the solitude and sense of zen that this room provides. The outside world is too . . . un-zen.’ - DYNE (1.3)
So what happens when you put a local boy, a fitness fanatic, a zanny art student, a pot-smoking madman and a cute girl together in the same house on the first week of University? Crazy adventures, a bet to sleep with the Residential Assistant, and rock songs abound in this hit stage play from the writer that brought you Golden Age.
After success at home in the United Kingdom and abroad in America and Canada, Roehyde is the king of student comedy, and now it's available to you to put on stage with your own cast for the best price of all . . . absolutely FREE. Simply visit the forums and contact our staff for all the information and assistance you'll ever require!