We like to treat our listeners to a variety of special extras here on the site, and in this section you'll find some of the best goodies totally free. Regularly updated with new materials as we think of them, the staff are open to suggestions as to what you'd like to see next.


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Working in partnership with WombatRPGs.net we bring the epic dungeon crawling rpg 'Golden Age: Endless Dungeon' totally free to play online or download. This stand alone story randomly generates a new dungeon for you to explore every time you play, ensuring limitless hours of fun. The game is available through the link below for quick download and play, but is also now fully playable online through Facebook (just follow the link on the game page) and contains its own high-score tables for you and your friends. Hours of endless fun await!

For those who like to create their own adventures as well as just listen to the show, the Golden Age RPG is a fully fledged roleplaying game with an original system designed for both speed of play and ease of use. Partake in your own adventures with your friends within the setting of the Continent, and enjoy all manner of stories. Better still, the main book is set to be upgraded with a series of expansions with even more details, monsters and character classes to choose from! Click to read online, right click to save.



Originally released to advertise the launch of Golden Age and generate internet buzz, click HERE to see the teaser trailer in all its glory.

Written and performed by the hugely talanted Sam Dillard, the Golden Age soundtrack was produced from scratch and can be listened to for free in its entirety at the address below. This truly is an amazing soundtrack the likes of which could easily grace a hollywood release, and we strongly recommend that you listen.